‘With Heart’. – Our base of every work. 心の通う仕事が基本。


For over 20 years, we have been doing this business and through the experience we come to believe that although the products are made by machines, the machines are operated by people’s hands and the hands are controlled by the people’s heart. We all know that without condition of peaceful ‘heart’, the products will never be good enough.

Imagination and Creation. 想像と創造。


Always making sure that we are ‘imaginers’, as well as creators.” This is the fundamental merchandising philosophy since our founding.

Our policy of 3 PRIME Works. 私たちの考える3つの’プライムワーク’。

  • PRIME ネットワーク: 私たちオフィスは香港にありますが、中国の広東省の契約工場を中心に、複数の協力工場を有し、創業以来高い価格競争力とサービスを維持しています。
  • PRIME チームワーク: 私たちが誇るものづくりのチームメンバーは、全て高い責任感と合理性を共有しています。
  • PRIME フットワーク: 香港から生産拠点が集中する広東省の各地まで、全て3時間半以内で訪問可能に加え、広州の連絡事務にスタッフが常駐しており、素材や市場のリサーチがよりクイックにスムーズに行えるような体制を整えています。
  • PRIME Network : We have a plenty of sourcing skills with a variety of suppliers, partners and co-workers over the countries that enable to provide high competitiveness for the price and the service.
  • PRIME Teamwork: All of our merchandising team members including factories and material suppliers are full of responsibility as well as high efficient thinkers.
  • PRIME Footwork: Most of our production areas are located in Guangdong province. All of the places are reachable within 3.5h from our Hong Kong office. We also have a corresponding office in Guangzhou and the staffs are always ready to serve for our customer’s inquiries such as materials or market researching.